Test your compounds on our unique sporadic Alzheimer's disease models

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Assay compound toxicity on human neurons, liver cells, cardiomyocytes and embryoid bodies

Providing stem cell derived products

In neurology, stem axons are defined as large descending axons from the vestibulospinal tract and projecting multiple axon collaterals at right angles. The stem axon can thus be view as the source of multiple axonal projections.  

Here at STEMAXON, we aim to be the leader for drug development and disease modeling of sporadic Alzheimer’ disease - the most prevalent dementia worldwide. This ambition is based on the identification of new and validated molecular target(s) for the disease treatment and creation of innovative human disease models that can recapitulate Alzheimer’ disease-related neurodegeneration.


drug toxicity testing

Discover new treatments by using the best models of human neurodegenerative diseases