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Cellular products

STEMAXON TM wants to democratize the access to research using pluripotent stem cell-derived human neurons for academic laboratories. 

STEMAXON TM has created a ready kit mix with protocol, which will greatly accelerate any types of neuronal research, including neuron silicon interface. 

The simplicity of use of the product is unique and non-existent currently in the market. This product enables anyone, without in-depth knowledge of specialized laboratory protocols and research know how, to grow and study normal and disease-affected human neurons in vitro.

​- Human cortical progenitors, with protocol/media, to obtain mature neurons in vitro. Cell      culture application (ready mix kit).

- Cone photoreceptors and RPE cells from hES/iPS cells with protocol/media. Cell culture    application (ready mix kit).

- RNA and protein extracts from any of these differentiated cell types (as a ready kit or panel  of cell types).

Providing stem cell derived products.

cellular products